Nidec UltraFloŽ cooling fans and blowers

38 x 28mm Cooling Fans for 1U Applications

W38S Vane Axial Cooling Fans

Vane axial fans in the Nidec UltraFlo® W38S series deliver up to 26 CFM of forced air cooling from sub-1U, 38mm x 28mm housings. The new fans are rated for operation at static pressure of up to 2.3 inches of water.

Models in the W38S series are available as feedback-governed, speed-stable designs or as free-running fans. Available options include an open-collector tachometer circuit (two square wave pulses per revolution, 50 percent duty cyce), an open-collector, low-pass/high-fail locked rotor alarm, and pulse-width modulated speed control circuits.

On-line documentation of the new fan series is available here:

W38S Cooling Fans

NewUltraFlo™ fans from Nidecare designed to answer worldwide demand for efficient cooling solutions for a wide variety of applications in information technology and consumer electronics.

The rapidly expanding performance of servers, PCs, and consumer electronics is accompanied by increased heat output from more densely packed computer equipment and compact electronic systems. Thermal cooling efficiency directly relates to the life expectancy of electronic devices, so unparalleled demand exists today for energy efficient cooling fans that deliver high air flow at high static pressure with an almost inaudible decibel level.

UltraFlo is a dedicated cooling solution that meets heat removal challenges by achieving industry-leading levels of air performance and quietness.

UltraFlo models are currently offered astube axial fans, vane axial fans, and hybrid designswith ball bearings or with the company's newly developed NBRX sleeve bearings.

NBRX is an oil-impregnated, sintered-metal sleeve bearing developed from earlier NBR (Nidec Bearing Revolution) technology. It uses a lubricant that is highly resistant to breakdown and evaporation, making the bearing significantly less subject to wear. The NBRX design also uses strong vertical magnetic force to stabilize spin-axis orientation of the fan impeller shaft, enabling extremely low vibration in high-speed rotation.

™ UltraFlo is a brand trademark of Nidec Corporation.

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